Neon Signs in Miami

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With the influx of cheap LED’s neon has seen a decline in use but there is a huge difference between neon and LED’s and Graphink knows the difference. Quality is quality and neon will never b fully replaced. It has a beauty and richness of color. It is more expensive but your customer intrinsically knows this. They know what quality is and you definitely see neon as what it is quality and permanence.


Brightness levels remain the same throughout Neon’s life unlike LED’s. Lifespan is normally 30-40 years. With billions of linear feet of NEON installed since 1923, NEON has proven itself with no “unknowns” left to discover. Drive down any main street and see original neon from the 40’s and 50’s still burning like the day it was installed.

Neon is a 360 degree light source. It’s light will illuminate in all directions. When used in a sign cabinet or channel letter, the cabinet’s white interior becomes a reflector, thus increasing the already superior light to an even greater level of brightness. With NEON, there are no breaks in the light source as there are with LED’s, so the sign is illuminated evenly and consistent throughout the sign. Visit our page

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