Color Copies


Graphink offers color copies and black and white  are the here to stay in this new digital world. In the past full color was the realm of the large presses but now a day the new digital machines produce spectacular color copies that are beyond words. Graphink has on hand the latest technology to deliver spectacular work at fair prices. Our modern machines can produce black and white impressions at high rates. Our digit printing machines can copy from the glass top or for better quality send us the digital file. We have booklet makers attached to the machines so we can create professional binding options for you. Our high-speed processor and computers allow the colors to be vibrant and seductive.

As part of the digital print department, we can offer data manipulation quick print solutions.

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Color copies Color copies

Finishing includes booklet making such as saddle stitch, bookbinding stapled hardbound and folded. We can fold staple stitch insert into e

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