E Commerce Web Site / For Ebay Seller / E Catalogs Online retailers can afford to offer a wider array of product assortments due to the low cost of merchandising in eCommerce. Shelf space is virtually free with the average product page taking up less that 1 MB of space. Of course, to put these product on sale, you need to provide customers visual representation of what you are selling – this is done effectively through high quality product images with views from multiple angles OR through 360 product photography. The drawback is the time, effort and cost typically associated with taking and editing product photography. Shutter Stream is a guaranteed way to increase eCommerce product photography workflow efficiencies. On average, it takes about 5-7 minutes to compose, capture, edit and process a web ready image. Shutter Stream is a single, stand alone application that integrates every aspect of the product photography workflow (taking pictures, uploading, sorting, editing, resizing, renaming and output). On average a customer can expect to shoot 2 different angles of a single product, then edit, resize, rename and output in less than a minute.
For Ebay , Amazom Sellers or Multi Websites
For Ecommerce stores
For Electronic Catalogs
A session on studio bulk 15 photo - price $155
A session on studio bulk 25 photo - price $195
A session on studio bulk 50 photo - price $370
A session on studio bulk 100 photo -price $517
* 2 pictures per item or customer order
* Outside Our location 60$ extra ** restrictions may applied
Raw pictures can be delivery same day
Fix pictures 2 - 4 days depend of the quantity