Frosted Glass- Etched Vinyl

Frosted Vinyl

Sometimes clear glass is not an option when promoting your business or looking for privacy. Frosted Glass or etched vinyl,as its also known, allows Graphink to come back and add that expensive sandblasted look. Etched Vinyl can be solid or with a custom design. Frosted glass is elegant and gives the perception that you spent a huge amount of money sandblasting. If you need a custom design Graphink can custom cut it with a logo or design if you like. Visit our website and see different options you can count on. Etched glass can substantially increase the value of your projects



 Vinyl and different substrate materials are allowing our customers to personalise their homes and offices with unbelievable options and creativity. Using cut vinyl and PVC or Foam boards allow our customers to do beautiful works of art and personalization of the walls, glass, floors and decorations. You do not have to live the cookie-cutter life when it comes to interior design or printed displays since we can custom cut any shape you need custom print any image or color you want with unbelievable options of finishing and the such.

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