Are you looking for a quick, easy way to get your brand’s image to more people? With custom labels, you can turn your correspondences into mobile marketing pieces that communicate your company’s key messages. Your labels should work in conjunction with your overall marketing plan and are a great way to remind people of what your company does best.

At GraphInk, we offer a complete line of customizable templates, and will even work with you to create a unique label design of your own. We also have:

  • Signature shapes, colors, sizes and materials
  • Multi-use labels, great for color-coding, branding, pricing and more
  • A flexible ordering process for as many or as few as you need!

When you work with the marketing professionals at GraphInk for custom label printing, you’ll receive assistance with everything from printing and packaging to total design solutions, allowing you to have complete control over your branding strategy.

You can use your labels for fun or function, as additions to special mailings, as reminders or even for giveaway items. Contact us today to learn about what your business can do with custom label printing from the team at GraphInk.


  • Make mailings stand out with holographic labels
  • Use in conjunction with product promotion, add labels to special gifts and leave a lasting impression
  • Choose the adhesive level that fits your needs
  • Pick your printing quantity