Logo design Miami

The Logo is Where it begins

The logo is where it begins. Graphink logo design department is unlike no other and these are some reasons why we the best.

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Creativity in Miami

Dealing with a local company with local designers. Understanding Miami and its flavor and what grabs people attention

Customizing for you

Creating a design hand in hand with you. Customizing to what you want.

Design with Production in mind

Since we are a printing company (production) our designers design with final product first....in the long run, this is going to save you money.

Best Value for your Dollar

Our core business is production so we use Design as a service to secure the job. So instead of $600 logo our designs start at $85. We offer agency quality at discount rate.

Why Graphink

Why Graphink instead of the dozens opening and closing in the area. What makes us better than the rest.

From Concept to completion

Extra value is that your designer is 10 to 15 feet away from production which leads to the reality.... you get what  you designed. This is invaluable.


logos Logo Design... Graphink designers will work with you every step of the way in the creation of your logo design, from our unrivalled free consultation phase, to the final design stages. We won’t stop until you have the truly stunning logo your business deserves. Graphink is not interested in a quick logo and send you on your way. We want you to trust us and be satisfied so we can do all your printing. Graphink firmly believe if you look good we look great.

The Keys to a great logo design is originality, creativity, and reproducibility. An original logo design captures who the customer is and what they are selling. Graphink spends time understanding who and what you sell so that it can come up with the right design. Reproducibility refers to that the logo is easily recreated in different venues such as shirts, promotional items, banners, websites and stationary. A logo should look great whether you see it in full color or black and white and this has been lost in translation Graphic design in Miami. Just because a logo design looks good in 18 different colors does not mean it looks right in one and if you are putting your branding on a pen you are going to want it to look great.

Graphink can design on multiple budgets depending on what you are looking for and how much you are willing to spend.

Keep in mind that if you look like a million bucks it is easier to make that first million. Let us be partners in giving you the design that you need and you deserve.

Budget Logo
A steal
This pricing is based on you helping do some of the legwork. When we design a logo for customer we end up designing 3 or 4 logos and the customer only chooses one of them. We have a library of well over 1000 logos. Look through pick one that excites you. We will then remove it from our library and adapt it to your specifications and colors you request.
Lets Recycle
The Original
Creative Power
With this we design 2 to 3 logo versions from scratch. We spend some time getting some pre-instructions from you which is a starting point. After the first draft we take your revisions and make those changes. Our goal is you satisfaction.
Lets Create
Research and Develop
Ful Scale Design where the art department does a little research and creates a logo that is easily able to be Trademarked. The artist will research competitors in you industry and create something that will stand out. More hours in design research and development.
Lets Innovate