Nissan NV Vehicle Wrap

We just finished the second Nissan NV Vehicle wrap for Ameritemp. We have been working on the car 2 days and it came out beautiful. George at Ameritemps is so happy he is changing out his whole fleet. The Nissan NV is not an easy van to wrap. It is rather difficult with all the  deep dips and indentures. Also the Nissan NV Car wrap is difficult because there are no 2 straight lines the vehicle has all kinds strange angles. This make designing and installing the Nissan NV vehicle wrap  very  challenging. It is a small car but takes a lot of effort to get it right. I remember when we did our first Nissan NV graphics we were not satisfied and ended up removing the whole graphics and started all over. Now we have done more than 60 Nissan NV car wraps.
Vehicle wrap of nissan NV

Vehicle wrap installation generally of smaller vehicles tend to be more difficult and Less forgiving. When looking for a true profession installing Nissan NV vehicle graphics no mess with the rest come to Graphink… and see some other samples


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