Professional Look

Professionally kept curtains with  standard sizes (no mix matches) allow your event to look professional with and all our curtains are fire retardent.



20 years in specializing in Tradeshow curtains allows us to help you design a functional floor space. 

Free Printing

As you can see we are a printing company as an incentive we will give you 10% of your purchase price in free printing.


"They were awesome they setup the booths for me at the convention hall the night before. It was 100 booths and I even got 4 FREE banners and all the booths labeled them. I am a customer for life.

Rafael Quinones Peruvian OutFest.

Raul Gramatges Owner Operator Graphink

Your Tradeshow Curtain or Tradeshow Pipe and Drape Specialist.

We have been a promoter of over 8 shows repeated over 12 years so we know what you the Promoter needs from us. We are professional not one of these fly by their pants rental place. We rent and install one thing and we do it right and that is Your Tradeshow pipe and drapes or Tradeshow curtains. We know what to do and how to do it. In Miami when organizing your next tradeshow count on our services and unbeatable prices. Pipe and Drapes or Tradeshow curtains must be properly maintained to keep all your fire Retardent paperwork up to date and Graphink properly stores and cares for its curtains. Let us be a part of your Event.