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Printing Miami and Printing Kendall

When looking to do Printing in Miami God knows you have a lot of choices, actually to many. First you want to Print with a company that actually is printing not a broker. Printing in Miami through a print broker is like a crap shoot many of them work out of po box or ups store box or their homes. What assurance do you have that they will come through for you. Print brokers have no control of production. Printing in Miami through brokers mean they have no control of quality. Many times they have no recourse if something goes bad. So if the wrong color is printed the broker might not have the ability to reprint for free  because the true production house does not stand behind the work since they did not design or implement the artwork. Printing Miami & Printing Kendall


When looking for a print shop in Miami check there address and make sure it is a real address for a production site not a home or ups store (google map it). Check out reviews is also key. Good reviews translate into raving fans. It is really hard to have a customer give a review they are few who take the time. Make sure the reviews are real not fake this can easily be don by doing the following:

  1. To many reviews within to short of time frame.
  2. If you click on the reviewer and they have no other reviews.
  3. If every review is 5 stars… reality you can’t please everyone all the time or worst competitors give a bad review to bring the competition down.

Another option is go visit the shop. Is it for real?

Not all print shops are created equal as soon as you walk in you can see if it is a dressed pig.

kendall Printing
Kendall Printing Graphink just opened September 1.


Printing in Kendall or Kendall printing has just improved with new store 12752 nw 88th street 305 960 2000

When looking for printing in  33186  33172 Doral Printing we have you cover. Miami printing printing in Miami has never been easier. [wpseo_address show_state=”1″ show_country=”1″ show_phone=”1″ show_phone_2=”1″ show_fax=”1″ show_email=”1″ show_logo=”0″]

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