Vehicle Wrap… Custom Box truck WRap

When one of your Oldest customers (12 years) Calls with an emergency wrap on their box truck over the weekend even the President of Graphink steps up and wraps one for the Team. This is our 460th Truck for DHL.. Thanks for all the business.. Box Truck WRap miami. #miamivehiclewrap#miamiboxtruck . 


A box truck is in our view a huge BillBoard on wheel. Take advantage of this billboard and advertise your business or product on this billboard. A box truck wrap gives 360 view above cars on the road. Box truck graphics have the advantage  because of the height people can see it over the other vehicle unobstructed. Also the advantage of a box truck wrap is that you can give you message bigger than a regular vehicle wrap allowing it to be seen further away. If you have a big truck and for less than a billboard for 1 month you will have a oversize advertising piece made to last 5 years. Our vehicle wraps





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