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Custom Printed Event Tents

When trying to stand out from the crowd a custom printed tent will definitely catch the eye and send a clear message.

Custom Printed Tents

Starting at $750 a  10 foot Event Tent is the next level in outdoor advertising. Achieve 360 degrees of branding with a custom full fabric dye sub canopy and hardware package.

Back Wall

A full back Wall Tent Graphics add the perfect backdrop for your outdoor display.

Tent Half Walls

Half Wall Tent Graphics are versatile additions to any Event Tent setup.  They add square footage to your branding footprint, drive traffic through your preferred entry point and allow for a modular tent setups.

Tent Flag

Take your Event Tent to new heights with an Advertising Flag or two...or four. Born at beach events there isn't a more dynamic branding solution than a four post tent fully adorned with flags rippling in the wind.


Nylon sandbags allow you to add weight for stability in all conditions. Just fill sand or other ballast and use the velcro ties to secure the saddlebag construction to the hardware legs.

Order different Canopies

Using the same hardware you can order different canopies for different events and marketing strategies.