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Design the Best Vinyl Graphics for Vehicles, Windows, and Walls

vehicle wrap around food truck

Adhesive vinyl is one of the most widely used vinyl products because it can be used for a wide range of applications. These include vehicle graphics, window graphics, vehicle signs, wall graphics, vehicle wraps, school logos, headstones, and many more. But what does it take to design the best vinyl graphic?

Consider the Vinyl Graphic’s Purpose

Create a custom graphic design to go on vehicle fleet. 

Before you begin designing the graphic, it’s important to consider both the purpose and location of where the graphic will be placed. How is this vinyl going to be used? Is it signage on a storefront window, or is it intended for use as an adhesive wrap on a vehicle? Will this vinyl be used outdoors or indoors only? Will it be meant to sell, inform, or promote?  Is it intended to be displayed for a few hours only, or will the vinyl graphic be expected to last for months?

Stay Consistent With Your Brand’s Aesthetics

First, it’s important to create a design that radiates your brand’s aesthetics to design the best vinyl graphic. If you’re designing vinyl graphics for commercial purposes, then consider your target audience. Some customers may be attracted to bright colors, while others enjoy classic polka dots. Whichever theme you choose, keep in mind that professional designers need to test how these graphics look when printed over different backdrops.

Although your brand’s aesthetics are important in the design process, remember to keep things simple. If you can’t decide on a color scheme, stick with either white or black. Sometimes it’s best to leave the background empty since too many colors may complicate the final printout.

Communicate Your Business Identity

Although a design should be attractive, it’s also important that your visitors can quickly understand what they’re looking at. Remember that you’re not just placing a vinyl wrap on a car — you’re advertising for your business. Make sure that the text and symbols are easy to read from a short distance away.

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