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New Signs and Graphics For The New Year

storefront signage

As the calendar turns, it might be time to give your store a refresh. Here’s why.

A New Impression for Customers

Along with the New Year comes a new year of sales. Sign makers are always there to help customers celebrate holidays, seasons, and more – but do you know that signs can be used for much more than just decoration?

New signs and graphics can also be effective tools to attract customers into your store, increase customer traffic and build brand awareness.

Signage is an essential part of a strong marketing strategy that can increase in-store traffic and boost sales.

Types of Signs That Could Use an Upgrade

New signs and graphics increase customer activity and attract new customers.

All of your signs could get a bit of an upgrade. But here are some of the most popular:

  • Vehicle Wraps: If you haven’t already, wrap your store’s delivery and fleet vehicles. When potential customers see your brand on the road, it will increase brand awareness and remind them that they can trust you to provide quality service.
  • Wall Graphics: Are your walls looking a bit dull? Why not spruce them up with new window and wall graphics! Whether you choose wall stickers or vinyl wraps, you can put your brand front and center.
  • Logo Signs: Impress your customers with signage featuring your business logo. These are perfect for lobbies, waiting rooms, and more.
  • Building Signs: Perhaps you’re ready for a new building sign that advertises your company name and logo.
  • Interior Signs:  Are your interior signs helping or hurting? Changing outdated messages with new ones could be the difference between high traffic and no traffic.

New Signs Are the New Year’s Resolution You Can Keep Up

No matter what kind of sign you’re looking for, Graphink is here to help. So why wait until December 31st?

Make 2022 your best year yet with new signs and graphics. Give us a call today to get the best vehicle wrap or wall wraps.