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Business Cards The importance

The Importance of Business Cards


Business cards are they worth it?

People don’t realize how important presentation is when it come to first impression. The lowly underestimated business card is one of the most overlooked items and probably the most important. A business card tells a person key information (obviously) with the text and imagery but what are the non-verbal statements the card portrays. What is the card saying about you and your business. Yes it says a lot; what kind of paper, how is it organized, are there picture that convey a message or product.

The business card is the one thing these customers are taking away from that initial meeting are they going to be impressed or disappointed… are they going to put it away for the purpose of coming back to it when they need it. Maybe your card is going to be handed off to another who never even got your sales pitch. The card has to sell you does it do that.


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