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Vibrant Custom Neon Signs, What are the Characteristics?

Neon signs are one of the most memorable forms of advertising out there, but you don’t have to be a big-time corporation to benefit from them. If you’re the owner of a small store, restaurant, or any other type of business with a storefront, you can make your business stand out by installing your own neon sign. With dozens of designs to choose from in our shop, we can help your custom neon sign capture the attention of everyone who drives or walks by your store. But what makes them so effective? Here are some characteristics that set custom neon signs apart from standard business signage options.

Custom Neon Signs – Bold

Neon signs make an impact when they’re outside. Whether you’re hanging them in a bar or putting one out front of your store, neon signs stand out on their own — and they help you do business while getting noticed by anyone driving down your street. They have no limit when it comes to customization, either; you can get yours in any color under the rainbow. 

RGB neon sign

Custom Neon Signs – Colorful

A vibrant sign is very important in creating a striking neon sign. The brightness, or lack thereof, is what will captivate your customers and hold their attention to your company. If you have not heard of neon signs in a while because they’ve become less popular in recent years, do not fret! They’re making a comeback and are actually brighter than ever before. You can choose from many different colors, so make sure to grab them before they go out of stock!

Custom Neon Signs – Visible

One of my favorite aspects of neon signs is that they are visible day and night. No one ever has to wonder if your sign is on or not – it’s colorful and vibrant every hour of every day. Because these signs run on electricity 24/7, you don’t have to worry about investing in a lighted billboard for your business. It’s a passive form of marketing that keeps your name fresh in potential customers minds constantly!

Benefits of Custom Neon Signage

  • Fully customizable – Neon signs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as a plethora of colors and messages to choose from. 
  • Rememberable – What other business is advertising in your neighborhood that you haven’t already heard about. 
  • Unique – Neon signs give you something truly memorable on which to spend your advertising dollars. 
  • Energy Efficiency – Having your custom neon sign online for 24/7 will keep energy costs down while providing continual advertisement for your business.

Keep Electric Costs Down While the Sign Works 24/7

Neon signs have been a marketing and advertising tool for businesses since they were first introduced. They’re designed to draw attention to your storefront and help create a memorable brand image. When you consider that they work 24/7, do not require heating or cooling, are very visible during daylight hours, and can be fully customized with your business logo; neon signs become an excellent value compared to their competition.

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