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Design Business Signs With Strong Brand Identity

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Brand identity may be defined as the amalgamation of a variety of elements to portray the right image to the customers and clients. Brand identity is different from branding, which aims at kickstarting a marketing practice to shape a business and brand. Brand identity is built on a vision and mission, unique positioning, brand persona, and voice. To achieve this, having professionals design business signs for you is essential for your business.

What to Consider When Designing a Business Sign

Miami Storefront sign
Miami Storefront sign

The first part of establishing your brand identity begins with having a refined strategy that aligns with your brand purpose and positioning. Knowing who your product is tailored to and why your product is distinct from other competitors will help you zero in on the right details. These could include color palette, logo, image, font style, and size. This process can be termed as purpose, position, and personality. 

Your brand logo is the key visual component of your business and is the one element that will be most exposed to people. It should have a strong emotional appeal, be simple, sophisticated, creative, or fun, depending on the nature of your business. Your brand personality, tone, and style should emphasize the attributes of your brand and help connect audiences with it through its marketing material or other forms of communication.

Practical Considerations

You should consider mounting your business signs at a location that maximizes its impact, depending upon the nature of the business signs – whether it is safety, regulatory, informative, wayfinding, promotional, or courteous in nature. You can install them both indoors and outdoors, on moving vehicles, on windows, buildings and much more. It is advisable to take professional help for the same.

For more information, contact Graphink today to see how we can help you design the perfect sign for your business. Choose from a wide variety of business signs for your services to attract potential customers, and impress your clients and customers with custom signs that add a unique appeal to your business.