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Wall Mural, Wall Decal Gillette

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Wall Mural

Wall Mural installation at a local Barbershop. This was an event for the launch of the Superbowl in Miami. It was a beautiful design and a great install to help complete this job. This was a transformation of a Barbershop for Gillette… We were impressed by the team for Gillette Marketing and there event was beautiful. Very seasoned and professionals. I have never scene so many beards to shave. The vinyl wrap was beautiful and clean We used a prime material easily installed and for removal after the event went clean.  Wall graphics set the  feel for the event when looking for a professional wall decal installation team you can count on Graphink. Vinyl wall graphics or wall decals printed and installed professionally can set the tone for your event or your office. Wall Murals / Wall Decal with the right material and right install team is key to you success