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Neon Sign Headquarters Toyota Miami

Neon sign miami

Custom Neon Sign

Headquarters Toyota backdrop

Neon sign Miami manufactured and installed at  Headquarter Toyota Location with there new catch phrase. This Neon sign was mounted directly on the wall trying desperately to run the cables in the back of the Drywall.. This was a challenge since there were dozen of cross beams and the customer did not want to cut the drywall.  Neon added a really hip look to there new service area. Majority of the cables were Hidden except for one which we had to run 1 foot line. The customer loves it the installation went without a hitch.

Neon Signs provide a look that is singular. Installation of neon is very tricky since it is very sensitive glass easily breakable. The Toyota sign had an 8 foot long smile that ran from one edge to the other very fragile we broke it once just carrying it to the van. Unlike led Neon tubes give you Design freedom. One big benefit of neon signage is its potential for customization. This medium gives you incredible options for logo design. Businesses using our starter packs will be able to design neon signs in almost any shape and color. When properly built and maintained, neon signs can last 10-12 years. When you consider that the bulbs require very little upkeep and traditional light signs can fail after as little as 6 months, the value of neon signage is clear.

Neon sign miami
Custom Neon Sign Miami Neon 33172

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