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What to Include in Your Vehicle Wrap

By now, everyone is aware of how important custom vehicle wraps are to promoting business. This is even more true for those owners who provide mobile services. This branding tool turns your business vehicles into a fleet of moving billboards that are constantly exposing your promotional material to new customer bases. However, before businesses can fully realize these benefits, it’s important to know the essential information and features that make this method so effective. 

Essential Information to Include on Vehicle Wraps

Like all promotional tools, your graphic vehicle wraps need to include some basic information about your business. Your vehicle graphics can use decals and vinyl letters to make that essential information pop — from your name and logo to social media accounts and contact info. These graphics are also a great way for your business to raise consumer awareness around promotions or limited-time offers.  

Important Features to Include on Vehicle Wraps

fleet wraps
Promote your brand through professionally designed custom vehicle wraps.

One of the great features of these printed graphics is that they are highly customizable, meaning you can get as creative and artistic that you want. Here are some important features you should be aware of when selecting commercial vehicle wraps

Decals and Vinyl Lettering: Include just the basic information; name, contact, social media.

Partial Vehicle Wrap: Add a bit more detail and include some artistic elements, patterns, or a logo to give the wrap more personality. 

Full Vehicle Wrap: Get creative and design a tableau that reflects your brand personality, communicates a feeling to consumers relays vital information.

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