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Custom Fitted Boat Wrap to Boost Your Brand

custom canoe wrap

What’s more eye-catching on a boat than a fun, colorful boat wrap? Much like a vehicle wrap,boat wrap easily catches the attention of passersby’s and helps you to make sure that your brand’s image stays in their mind. They’re an incredibly fun way to boost your brand, but they need to be designed with a few unique elements in mind. Here’s what it takes:

How to Design a Boat Wrap

When designing a boat wrap, designers need to keep the shape and curves of the boat in mind. Depending on the make, year, and length of the boat, design adjustments will need to be made. You will also need to consider the best placement for the graphics in order to make them visible and memorable. When done correctly, a well-designed boat wrap will be sure to turn some heads!

boat with boat wrap
Boat wraps are an excellent way to show off your brand!

Be Creative!

Not only are boat wraps incredibly functional, but they allow you to design with a lot of freedom as well! When designing a boat wrap, be as creative as possible; a creative boat wrap will be much more memorable, and it will let you show off your brand’s personality. Whether your brand is simple and elegant or completely zany, a boat wrap can be tailored to whatever it is your heart desires.

Of course, creativity matters little if no one can see the entire design, so understanding placement is important as well. Since parts of the boat will be submerged in water, your boat wrap needs to be applied in such a way that the design is visible at all times. This goes doubly for any important info that is a part of your boat wrap, like the name and contact information for your business.

Boat wraps are a great way to boost your brand image in a creative and fun way. To get a boat wrap designed specifically for you, contact the team at Graphink today!