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Consider the Right Placement for Vehicle Decals

vehicle decals with site info on car

Vehicle decals are a great way to advertise your business. When designed well and placed correctly on a vehicle, vehicle decals can definitely turn some heads! However, designing and placing them correctly requires skill and know-how. Here’s how you can make sure your vehicle decals are placed correctly.

Design and Placement

When placing your custom vehicle decals, consider how the placement may affect the design. For example, you’ll likely want your logo and contact information to be as visible as possible while being pleasing and visually effective. That’s why vehicle decals and vehicle wraps are designed with the height, type, and model of the vehicle in mind.

Vehicle Decals Can Be Impactful

vehicle decal with contact info on car
Name and contact information need to be placed correctly on your car.

When creating a vehicle decal, think outside the box and be creative. The bolder your design is, the more likely it will be remembered by potential customers and clients. Since you’ll want your design to have the biggest effect possible, you need to consider the curves and edges of your placement. If your vehicle decal includes writing, for example, it should be placed on the flattest surface of the car in order to be easily seen and read at a glance. Doors, the truck, and the hood are the best places to place any writing.

Making sure everything works together so that it’s visually appealing and impactful can be difficult to do on your own. That’s where a professional can come in. A professional graphics designer can design the vehicle decal based on the area where it will be placed and will make sure that the design flows well with the rest of the car.

At Graphink, our team has years of experience creating vehicle decals that will get you noticed. Contact our team to get custom, tailor-made vehicle decals that are creative, fun, bold, and completely unforgettable.